5 Ways to Look Out of Your Window

Published by Beauty and Well-Being, 1 June 2020

In these times of lockdown and stillness, our destinations remain the same: the living room, the kitchen or the bathroom. Yet, Henry Miller was onto something when he said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” We are indeed seeing these familiar places differently, whether fondly or angrily. With our lesser ability to move, we are not just seeing; we are wandering. As we recapture time to ourselves, we have the space to deeply and truly look. The ever-changing view from our windows now has our full attention.

Others before us took this time. For some, such as Vermeer or Matisse, it resulted in masterpieces. So today, if you are tired of the view outside your own window, I invite you to explore a new view. These artists may still have a thing or two to teach us when it comes to looking.

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